😎 My first ever Diy PCB project works! Thanks @meisam for your help and thank you to the KiCad team for a great project!

The PCB is a series of LEDs to provide optimized light for my ongoing automated food production project.

I am continuing work on my open source food production system and going to PCBs.

Issue is that my level of pcb experience is limited. Could anyone who has any experience look over this?

The DC power supply is going to be 24v

There is a 22uF decoupling capacitor rated at 25v right at the power supply.

91ohm 1/8W resistor before 7 blue LEDs with 25mA of forward current and 3.1v of forward voltage
130ohm 1/4W resistor before 10 red LEDs with 30mA of forward current and 2.4v of forward voltage

Just removed my nest thermostat and added a hestiapi. Not sure how I feel about openHAB though. Home Assistant feels so much better. Either way better then google and it’s open source! :D

Not going to lie I am low key supper proud of these 3D printed component holders. Taking all the DIY crap I have laying around and putting it together feels amazing.

Well this is sad. :( I’m not British but I am sorry for your loss.

Grow bed v0.0.17 now in testing. If the basic spacer stops root clogging I think we should be good to work on automated harvesting. 😎 (PS pressurized water inlet does not scale 1to1 with gravity drainage hole size.)

Just finished the new and improved lighting rig for the automated food production. With this and the beta anti root clog system I should have version 0.0.15 up and growing.

One of the few things I don’t like about being in Germany. Paying €4 for this.

Just designed some basic 3D printed + printer paper shoji inspired window blinds / privacy guards. Lots of screws but pretty cool I think. Does anyone think there might be an interest if I put out a tool that spat out some custom .stl files depending on the area you want to cover? Maybe sell them on Etsy if people don’t want to print them themselves? Thoughts?

Anyone here into automating food production? I just finished up a practical 3D printed prototype of a mediumless microgreen grow bed. It’s all open source and up at bit.ly/2qMu6OM and I could use help. I am getting ready to scale things up.


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