Just finished the new and improved lighting rig for the automated food production. With this and the beta anti root clog system I should have version 0.0.15 up and growing.

I moved to just using exposed copper wire. Makes for a MUCH easier solder job. (At least I think so with my noob solder skills)

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@cavaliertusky It’s a small part of a larger project. So far I have gotten plants to grow with no medium via a 3D printed nutrient film based system. The last design did well (stickied post) except that roots clogged the water outflow. For this design I added a root buffer and scaled it up a bit. Once I can grow microgreens to maturity (2 weeks) with no clogs consistently I will focus on “combing” them out. (Ie automated harvesting.) more info:

@mholiv This is an amazing project! Slightly related, but have you looked into the "MudPi"?

@cavaliertusky I have not. Right now I am focusing on the not-yet-solved parts of the project. Also because I use no soil/grow medium and use NFT hydroponics I suspect that my use case would likely not be supported anywhere.

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