Anyone here into automating food production? I just finished up a practical 3D printed prototype of a mediumless microgreen grow bed. It’s all open source and up at and I could use help. I am getting ready to scale things up.

@mholiv Interesting project and the designs created in OpenSCAD. Wish I could help. If only I had more time.

@mholiv This project looks really cool! Looking forward to keeping up with the developments.

@stuts thanks. I submitted a presentation about it to fosdem 2020. Hopefully it makes it in.

@mholiv pls no link shorteners, you have plenty of characters and Mastodon doesn't even count the full length of links, each only takes up like, idk, 10 characters?

@mholiv this looks hella cool tho, sharing it with my botanist friends rn

@grainloom @mholiv 20 chars if I remember correctly
Project looks fun :D how much power does it consume? Could you power it with a very small solar panel?

@silmathoron @grainloom right now it uses 12v dc at 1.5a. Most of that amperage is from a water pump that should be able to handle much greater scale.

As for solar totally.

@mholiv @grainloom Ok, so downscaling the pump one might potentially go down to the order of a watt I guess? 👍 E.g. with this:

@silmathoron @grainloom totally yah. It ironically needs a super low volume pump. I couldn’t buy one low enough. I had to design and print a gravity fed flow buffer system to reduce the water pressure.

@grainloom ahh I will remember this. I’m new to mastodon.

@mholiv This looks great. Would you tell me
in simple terms, how people can assist you.

@SharSole There are 4 ways. 1. 3D print and build a test setup. Grow plants and help gather data.
2. Code and design a sensor suite that can monitor things like water flow, and water contents.
3. Design a growth bed suitable for mushrooms.
4. Help me make improvements to the current microgreen bed.

1. Requires a 3D printer.
2. Requires the ability to program in python and soldering ability.
3 and 4 require openscad know how. I am happy to walk people threw what I have on request.

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