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Anyone here into automating food production? I just finished up a practical 3D printed prototype of a mediumless microgreen grow bed. It’s all open source and up at and I could use help. I am getting ready to scale things up.

I moved to just using exposed copper wire. Makes for a MUCH easier solder job. (At least I think so with my noob solder skills)

Just finished the new and improved lighting rig for the automated food production. With this and the beta anti root clog system I should have version 0.0.15 up and growing.

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Seriously fuck wifis with the fucking internal login page

One of the few things I don’t like about being in Germany. Paying €4 for this.

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If you call the cops on dumpster divers you are going to hell

Maybe next time tell the world not to waste 1/3 of all edible food produced

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Just designed some basic 3D printed + printer paper shoji inspired window blinds / privacy guards. Lots of screws but pretty cool I think. Does anyone think there might be an interest if I put out a tool that spat out some custom .stl files depending on the area you want to cover? Maybe sell them on Etsy if people don’t want to print them themselves? Thoughts?

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This is officially the best graphic that explains how works.

Does anyone else have mixed feelings about ZFS? It’s pretty amazing and is basically a better version of btrfs, but at the same time it has an angling license and was hacked (questionably) into the Linux kernel. I want btrfs raid2 to not make me nervous. :(

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I always feel awkward about gendered award shows, while at the same time being deeply bitter about not making the list 😅

Call me a giant weeb but I I just saw the Konosuba movie in theaters. Perfect combination of wholesome and lewd.

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@mholiv i would like to interject for a moment, but what you refer to as Linux is actually SystemD/Linux+GNU
Linux + GNU is not a system unto itself but rather a component of a fully featured SystemD system

SystemD is a better cleaner faster way to boot Linux. I miss nothing about 500 line sysvinit bash files. Fight me.

Nothing kills the desire to refactor and improve an application’s architecture / scaling design like seeing that the app is DEPLOYED via 800 lines of terraform.

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Small actions, even on tasks you'd rather avoid, make them easier to accomplish.

Flying out to Germany in a bit here. Can anyone refer me to any cool tech meetups / hacker spaces in either the /#Köln or areas?

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