Wow, a night with good sleep and I am not tired after waking up? Sign me up for more of that please.

Yeah javascript that makes... eh.. sense?

+ true + true + '5' + 3 - 1 === 252

js: true

Since i always had a love/hate relationship with Spotify i took action yesterday and cancelled my subscription. Next step would be to figure out how to delete my account.

Damn, working with CSV in a web context isn't fun.

I don't know why but I really like the aesthetic of this photo. I took it when I went to the beach yesterday.

Rezension von "Weapons of Math Destruction" (4 Sterne): A little bit lengthy but an interesting and necessary read

Watching the harbour is really a relaxing experience.

I was never that much of a pwa user. But I have to say the mastodon pwa is quite usable.

Having a week long vacation is a real blessing. I didn't recognize how much I need a few days off. The grind was real and my mind was telling me that his was normal.

Hey and !
@floppy and I would like to announce !

We realize that there is a lot currently happening in the world, and we want to encourage you to take a breath and focus on the here and now.

Tomorrow on May 4th share a wholesome experience, photo, or thought that made you happy. Let's spotlight the good in the world and embrace the positive.

Tag it with so that others can take part in the good vibes as well :blobcatadorable:

The main reason why I uninstalled the official mastodon app wasn't the lack of timelines. It was the fact that syncing my home timeline would loose my position and bring me to the top of all posts. I had to scroll manually back down to not miss toots.

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