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We've added a new Do Not Track feature for our privacy concerned users! This will prevent from using Google Analytics, as well as social media sharing code, from every page you visit on the site.

While this reduces functionality of the site, and it means we lose visibility on how those people are using it, privacy is an important feature for a lot of our community and we want to support their choice.

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We made it! More than 200+ followers on Mastodon! 😎
Help us to keep our freedom in our hands, help us spreading the word of UBports project!
#ubuntutouch #ubuntu

Building a community around your company or product is a great way to make them both better. But if you want to be successful in it, here are 5 important questions you need to answer first: … @opensourceway

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Okay Fedeverse, which design do you prefer:

White boxes on dark, or dark boxes on white?

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Hey everyone, now has it's own Mastodon account! Follow me for news, release announcements, and other updates on the free, open source, federated event planning site.

Hey do you have an account on I give everybody who contributes to the code a special badge on their user profile and I'd like to add yours

Thanks to you can now add more content about your team in an "About" page!

Edit your team to add your About page content.

Wow, thanks to I have a bunch of new followers.

Since you're intersted, try out and help us add more federation at

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It's official, now supports ActivityPub!

This is my first attempt at AP/AS, so somebody please let me know if I'm doing it wrong.

Makes it official. I'm on the market, tell me what exciting roles you have at your company!

You asked for it, you got it! Upload your own team cover image to and it will be used for your team and events all over the site.

Spent my first Saturday back home replacing my old Wordpress blog with a shiny new MezzanineCMS instance. If you catch any bugs or old links that odn't work anymore, let me know!

Sponsorships really help volunteer and grass-roots event organizer build there community and event, so I'm really happy to have landed support for listing Sponsors in

Try it out at

GetTogether now supports marking whether somebody who said they would attend your event actually attended it! This will allow future reporting on actual attendence and estimates of future attendence.

Create your own event and try it out today!

Haven't posted in a while, but GetTogether .Community keeps getting new features that make it easier to promote and grow your events.

Try it free at

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NPR article posted today (May 1st) mentions Mastodon! They link to (not which is great!

“As Facebook Shows Its Flaws, What Might A Better Social Network Look Like?”

#Mastodon #News

Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours burn any

FOSS needs more light, not less.

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