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If you're in the USA and haven't yet, go out an !

@mike If it makes you feel better, the string literals were the administrator username & password to the database the app was connecting to, and the binary was being distributed to hundreds of stores around the country.

Although I'm not sure why I thought that would make you feel better :)

I actually got pulled into a meeting with my manager for trying to tell people this was a problem.

@mike At the same company I found a bug in a loop where they were using 1 instead of i for a list index. It was obviously a bug from the context of the code, and a simple fix, but when I sent the code change it was rejected because no client had filed a bug report against it yet.

@mike I've had senior engineers tell me that string literals in compiled code were "encrypted". And also that Base64 was encryption. So, I'd completely believe that some engineer, somewhere is using 64bit encryption and thinks it's fine.

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This week some community members will be meeting up in Brussels, to share experiences, and get to know each other.

If you would like to join them please check out this link:

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #Unity8 #Community #GetTogether

@gemlog You can probably use screen to connect via serial console on USB (I do that with my NodeMCU), but it doesn't look to have on-board WiFi or Ethernet capability

@gemlog Wow, we're going to have entire computers the size of an SDCard soon

@ajroach42 It's crazy what $0.75 worth of electronics can do these days, isn't it? Really makes the whole Internet of Things revolution possible

@kelbot @ajroach42 Yeah, if I was manufacturing stuff at scale I'd definitely go that route, but not for prototyping/hobby projects. I got a 3-pack of the NodeMCU off Amazon for about $16 USD, it's certainly worth the extra for the ease of working with them.

I've started doing some hardware hacking as part of my new job, I'm amazed at what is available these days. This NodeMCU costs about $5, has built in WiFi, is programmable through the Arduino IDE and can be powered by a small solar panel. I'm blown away.

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I'm interested in developing gaming applications for #blockchain like trading games with virtual cards or other online assets. Also game logic agnostic infrastructure for distributed games. My goal is to lower barriers to entry for indie developers

@AceNovo Oh, a virtual deck-building game that uses blockchain to verify card ownership, that's a unique and interesting idea!

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Hey world! I just supported Fosstodon on @Patreon. Help your instance with hosting costs by becoming a patron too.

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@fleischie28 @codesections With tracking you have multiple changes of ownership and all parties want to be able to track that in a way that doesn't make any one of them an authoritative source.

@fleischie28 @codesections yeah, that's not the kind of thing that sounds like it needs to be distributed

@codesections Use for tracking physical things as they change hands and get transported around is certainly a compelling use for Blockchain, thanks!

I have absolutely no interest in or as a value store or tulip replacement.

Tell me something cool you're doing, or have seen someone doing, with that isn't just buying and selling real currencies.

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