@strypey the nice thing is that event federation is cumulative, so if instance A importing events from instance B, and then instance C imports events from instance A, C will also get the events from B, without having to import from B.

@strypey event data is federated, but it directs you to that event's instance to do things like RSVP, which means you need to create another account in that host. So it solves the discovery issue, but not much more than that at the moment.

@strypey it sounds like you changed the timezone on the Place object itself, which I don't think will trigger the same logic to keep the displayed time the same

@strypey asking users to add individual events isn't a great experience. Right now one instance can subscribe to *all* events on another instance, making it to to reach instance's admins who to syndicate from. I could add a way for people to request new subscriptions though.


I'm not sure what you meant by "corporate users model" of GetTogether

@strypey GetTogther has a syndication feature, where one instance can import event data from another for discovery. But it doesn't allow a user account on one instance to rsvp or comment on another instance yet, that would take significantly more refactoring on the backend.

@strypey GetTogether assumes that any event created for a team will be in the team's city's timezone. If you created a personal event (no team) it should use the timezone you set in your user profile.

When adding a Place with a different timezone, it *should* adjust the stored time on the backend so that the displayed time doesn't change (i.e. if it was 2pm UTC it would become 2pm local time). If that didn't happen for you, that means we have a bug somewhere. Can you file an issue on github?

@Ca_Gi @craigmaloney @jina well, @GetTogetherComm is on Mastodon, but it doesn't have ActivityPub support yet (just ActivityStream feeds)

@craigmaloney @Framasoft @hyde_stevenson We have no plans to change GetTogether's funding model, donations are paying for the cost of hosting and all development is contributed by volunteers.

@mike @GetTogetherComm There is come settings-configurable rebranding available thanks to a recent contribution, but the easiest way to re-brand is to make a custom base.html template

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@kev @mike Just remember that 'z' is called 'zed' not 'zee'

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It's Black Friday! Sign up today and get FREE event hosting! Or tomorrow. Or any day, really.

That's because your free hosting is covered by our generous patrons who keep this service online and available to everyone. Thanks to everyone who continues!

@cwebber Everybody who used "crypto" to mean cryptography understands your frustration

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I just became a monthly patron of @fosstodon


If you like Mastodon and want to see it succeed and replace Twitter, you need to support your instance too.

By helping pay for the hosting and maintenance of your instance you will not only make sure it can keep running, but you also give the admins a reason to ensure that it's run and moderated to your liking.

If you're an instance admin, let people know how to support you.

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