GetTogether 0.3.0 has been released! With a brand new logo, calendar feeds, photo galleries, comment, common events and org support, plus a whole bunch of smaller UI & UX improvements, it's our biggest and best release yet!

Start your today:

#GetTogether looks great, but I can't figure out how to sign up -- there's only buttons for #Google, #Facebook, #Twitter and #GitHub, and I'm not about to use those...

@bobjonkman That's all the sign-up options it has right now. If it's blocking people I can add a local login option

Please do! The whole point of wanting to use #GetTogether is to get away from the proprietary surveillance services. #FeatureRequest: Local Login

Hey @bobjonkman I've added the ability to create a local account on GetTogether.Communnity for you. Please try it out and let me know if it's working as expected.

The #FreeSoftware community is amazing! I'll try it out now, and see if I can import some events currently hosted in some proprietary silo.

@bobjonkman It looks like it picked a city near you, and you can search for a different one

@bobjonkman but it only has places with more than 1500 people

#GetTogether didn't pick that city, I typed that into the search bar. It does work when I type a city about 20km from me, Waterloo, Ontario. But I don't find that very intuitive ("Pick a location where you're not..."). For improved #UX that list should be populated as soon as the dropdown is selected, perhaps narrowing down as letters are typed. Even better, have several pick lists, one for country, one for region, one for locality (the terms used in vCards). For even better UX have a map locator ("Click on the map to indicate your location"). But of course use #OpenStreetMap, not Google Maps :)
How can I edit a venue (place)? I entered for our regular #KWVoIP meeting, but the city became "Hell's Kitchen, New York" instead of "Kitchener, Ontario". Can't find an edit button...
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