Speaker management is going to be the first major premium feature for , scheduled for the next release. You will be able to manage multiple speaker profiles and talks, with tools for even organizers to request, review and approve proposals for their events.

What else would you want from this feature?

@mhall119 would be cool if on the other side of things you could use it to publish a conference schedule.

It seems like that's where you're going. At some level a conference is just a series of events. The schedule though multiplexes rooms and times in a different way.

@ted that feels like scope creep, but you make a good point

@mhall119 it probably is, but I think it could be a point where the federation could get really interesting.

Would be a way to say "Who is a good boy?" has been presented at these conferences, and basically having it be on those conferences' GetTogether instance shows that it really was.

It effectively becomes my "speaking resume" that can be verified by other parties.

@ted That's true. I'll have to see what ActivityStreams has for handling that kind of data. @cwebber any suggestions on that?

@mhall119 @ted I probably have opinions, but what's GetTogether? :) A conference management system?

@cwebber @ted I'm positive we've talked about it before, it's open source alternative with (probably, potentially) federation support

@mhall119 while you should use what is available, remember you can also extend fields in ActivityPub with JSON-LD.

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