Help me out fediverse, is there an easy or automated way for me to see who that I follow on Twitter is also on Mastodon?

@mhall119 Not that I know of, but maybe? The AskFediverse hashtag is a good one to use for such questions :)

@mhall119 Having the same problem, Austin King put something together here:

If people used the same handles, it might help you out.

@mhall119 I dont think so. Same way you cannot know if a « Touitter user » is on FB, Tiktok or … VK.

@mhall119 Replying so I can hopefully follow the answers. Very good question.

@killyourfm .. does replying allow you to follow answers? I don't think i'm seeing replies to anything except my own toots on my home feed.

@mhall119 There used to be such a thing @, which had source at, which then moved to but I can't connect to anything but the archived GitHub project at the moment.

It might not exist anymore. I don't know if there are any forks or other instances.

@mhall119 I’m on the hunt too. I’m trying to follow people using @ . Not sure yet if this actually works .

@mhall119 .. So far I have seen some tweets working via .. will keep monitoring these bridges..

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