I'm trying out various #events promotion platforms that are (or will be) federated using #ActivityPub. The event I'm using as a test case is a real #FreerangePress book launch happening next Thursday, at #ScorpioBooks in Ōtautahi/ Christchurch:

The book is a collection of essays called 'Public Knowledge':

GetTogether one has the best #UX of the four I've tried so far (Mobilizon, Gancio, Gath). It is aware of timezones, although it would make more sense for it to ask about timezone before asking for event times. When I changed the timezone on the 'add place' page, it assumed the times I'd already entered on a previous page were in UTC and converted them to the new timezone, making them wrong. At least editing the event to fix them worked.

@strypey GetTogether assumes that any event created for a team will be in the team's city's timezone. If you created a personal event (no team) it should use the timezone you set in your user profile.

When adding a Place with a different timezone, it *should* adjust the stored time on the backend so that the displayed time doesn't change (i.e. if it was 2pm UTC it would become 2pm local time). If that didn't happen for you, that means we have a bug somewhere. Can you file an issue on github?

@mhall119 willdo. It may have been user error, but the UX could definitely be smoothed out to make that less likely to happen.


@strypey it sounds like you changed the timezone on the Place object itself, which I don't think will trigger the same logic to keep the displayed time the same

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