This is terrible


If you are using #MeetUp it's time to look for an alternative provider: from November they will charge you $1 per RSVP of a FREE event, so if you have 1000 attendees RSVP-ing to your FREE meetup you as the organiser will be charged $1000 per meetup


I already pay a fee just to be an organizer on their platform. 😬

@jina There is a community-run alternative called It's written by @mhall119 and is Patreon-supported.

Please consider moving your community there if you can.

@craigmaloney GetTogether is also part of the Fediverse like Mastodon! @jina @mhall119


@Ca_Gi @craigmaloney @jina well, @GetTogetherComm is on Mastodon, but it doesn't have ActivityPub support yet (just ActivityStream feeds)

@Ca_Gi @mhall119 @craigmaloney @jina there's a plan, but AP isn't simple and not really geared towards this kind of data

@GetTogetherComm By my understanding the idea is to permit to share events and maybe invites. Is it correct? @mhall119 @craigmaloney @jina

@Ca_Gi @mhall119 @craigmaloney @jina our intent was to share event information between instances of GetTogether

@jina @GetTogetherComm @mhall119 @Ca_Gi I was one of the folks who was interested in sharing event information online via Mastodon et al but haven't given it the time needed to dig into what all is required to make that happen.

@craigmaloney I also think that sharing event information via Mastodon and other federared platform would be great! 👍 @jina @GetTogetherComm @mhall119

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