Whats the difference between #getTogether and #mobilizon ?

Looks more or less the same to me ...

@hyde_stevenson It depends on your perspective. Sure, both softwares want to organize communiities aroud events.

But #GetTogether looks oriented to corporate users (a la #MeetUp) and idk where they landed on their economic model.

We want to orient #Mobilizon towards facebook users that organize their activities and activisms there, and we are funded only through small donations.

Both will be interoperable through #ActivityPub, though.

@Framasoft @hyde_stevenson Gettogether currently is Patreon supported. I can't speak to the future plans of the project as far as funding and such but it's something that I'm willing to support to make an alternative to meetup.

Also interested in seeing where Mobilizon lands as well. :)


@craigmaloney @Framasoft @hyde_stevenson We have no plans to change GetTogether's funding model, donations are paying for the cost of hosting and all development is contributed by volunteers.

@mhall119 @craigmaloney @hyde_stevenson

That is great to hear, when we talked, it was at an early stage, and you wern't setteled on a model yet.

So thanks for the update!

@mhall119 @pioneer @hyde_stevenson @Framasoft There are activity pub endpoints (I think that's the technical term) for gettogether.community, but that's about it. Follow the progress in this issue here: github.com/GetTogetherComm/Get

@pioneer @tykayn @hyde_stevenson @craigmaloney @mhall119
if everything goes according to our plans, the ActivityPub integration on Mobilizon should be published in about 2 weeks, and will be visible on test.mobilizon.org .

@Framasoft @tykayn @hyde_stevenson @craigmaloney @mhall119 that's awesome news! So, the #Mobilizon idea is to be a service for public events? Just trying to figure out the difference between the corporate users model of #Gettogether, as you're saying.


I'm not sure what you meant by "corporate users model" of GetTogether

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