I've started doing some hardware hacking as part of my new job, I'm amazed at what is available these days. This NodeMCU costs about $5, has built in WiFi, is programmable through the Arduino IDE and can be powered by a small solar panel. I'm blown away.

@mhall119 If you get the ESP8266 bare, you can grab 'em for about $0.75.

Harder to work with, of course, but unimaginably cheap.

For testing or hobby purposes I would pay $5 every time to save time and frustration.

@kelbot @ajroach42 Yeah, if I was manufacturing stuff at scale I'd definitely go that route, but not for prototyping/hobby projects. I got a 3-pack of the NodeMCU off Amazon for about $16 USD, it's certainly worth the extra for the ease of working with them.

@mhall119 @kelbot For sure. I have a couple of the NodeMCUs kicking around for exactly that reason.

@ajroach42 It's crazy what $0.75 worth of electronics can do these days, isn't it? Really makes the whole Internet of Things revolution possible

@mhall119 Here is an ESP32 board from WeMos...even smaller, more powerful and similar cost. Not as well supported in Arduino IDE yet but super cool nonetheless...

@gemlog Wow, we're going to have entire computers the size of an SDCard soon

@mhall119 If you don't need a display, that pretty much *is* an entire computer. couldn't you ssh in on the usb connector? Am I wrong maybe?

@gemlog You can probably use screen to connect via serial console on USB (I do that with my NodeMCU), but it doesn't look to have on-board WiFi or Ethernet capability

@mhall119 yeah, I did notice that, but you could still compute with it.
Yes, it's not very useful without other network connectivity.
However, it depends what you are doing. I once created a fairly complicated set of network scripts using only my pc and a sharp zaurus (because that's all I had).

@mhall119 Let's ask @uaa what he's doing with it -- he's who I learned about it from.

@gemlog @mhall119 well, I don't know why I called to this thread but exactly I have Lichee Pi nano. This board (LPi nano) does not have any network connection but LCD/audio capability.
I think this board is for old ARM (not Cortex but ARM9 core) fans. Here is the processor F1C100s datasheet, please read this and check whether this SoC fits your project.

@uaa @mhall119 @gemlog
It is because you introduced us to this board and we wondered what your project would be.

@gemlog @gemlog @mhall119 my project... Simply I want to play wih old ARM9 CPU core, not modern Cortex. Now I am trying to port KOZOS, a tiny embedded OS for education. (web page is written in Japanese)

@mhall119 NB it's 5am in Tokyo and he usually answers late at night his time.

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