@colomar @ohyran I switched a few months ago, and totally agree about the Local Timeline finally being something I want to look at. Plus the server has been rock solid and works with Tusky on Android. 10/10, would switch to fosstodon again.

@mhall119 @colomar
Yeah will have to do a round-up of the people I want with me
The issue is that I would mostly use the federated timeline
(Also you cant follow Gnusocial accounts from there for some reason, although that may be just me)

@ohyran @colomar You can export your list of people you follow from the old account, and import them into the new one. Sadly that only works for people you follow, the people who follow you will need to follow your new account manually

@mhall119 @colomar

Ok so new account up. Lets try this migration thing!

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