It's official, now supports ActivityPub!

This is my first attempt at AP/AS, so somebody please let me know if I'm doing it wrong.

great news! Does ActivityPub supports CSV?

I'm wondering how the calendar/meetup function could federation with #friendica and #hubzilla @deadsuperhero

@paulfree14 @mhall119 AP doesn't need to support any particular file format itself to make a federated event calendar app work; really generating files for your calendar is just a matter of the app having an export method or an app to integrate with your calendar.

Hubzilla actually supports iCal files, so sync is possible through that kind of subscription.

@deadsuperhero @paulfree14 @mhall119 It's a bit unfortunate that ActivityStreams events aren't at all compatible with iCal and AP only federates with itself. So you've got a mess trying to federate events. What I'm doing for Z6 is to provide the iCal as an attachment to the Event object, but there seems to be no elegant way to resolve attendance information. You should be able to see all the attendees in Thunderbird or Outlook (but you may not be able to message them directly), while in AP you'll only see the subset of attendees using AP to reply.  

@macgirvin @deadsuperhero @paulfree14 GetTogether provides a separate iCal feed per team, but it doesn't contain attendee information. Can that be added without exposing the email addresses of the attendees?

@mhall119 @macgirvin @paulfree14 I'm curious as to why those two things (iCal and AP) should touch at all. In my mind, iCal is just a means of downloading event information to your local calendar from an application, whereas AP is a means to federate event data from the provider to subscribers (and their responses back to the provider)

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