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Homemade Banana Pudding Recipe
2 cans evaporated milk
1 cup of sugar
3 egg yokes
3 tbs of flour
-mix and heat on low continuously mixing until it become think pudding

Line a pan with vanilla wafers
add a layer of sliced bananas
Top with pudding and repeat

egg whites
3 tbs of sugar
-mix in a bowl with a hand mixer until it’s stiff enough where white peaks hold up. Cover the layered pudding and place in the oven on broil for 4 minutes or until brown. Refrigerate and enjoy!

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About to vote for Argentina's primaries.
I can choose between evil criminal left, dumb and slightly less criminal left, and small left wing candidates that will never make it anyway.

@davidblinux afaik you cannot, unless in a traditional way, since http works on tcp

Would you recommend dokku for a serious startup project?

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The people who say you don’t need guns because government will never initiate a war against its own people are in the same breath literally advocating the government initiate a war against its own people who own guns & won’t surrender them. #MolonLabe #2A #GunRights #GunOwners

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@Liberty4Masses i feel ya. It's sad. Statists are not necessarily evil, they just don't see things as we do. But when the time comes, we have no option other than exposing how terrible the consequences of their ideas are because what's at stake is too critical.

@sourcookie i don't think so because sadly enough, not all pussies are moist

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Today at work I wrote a pipeline of scripts that pulls everything from our SaaS configuration management system's API, generates an XML document from the JSON that comes back, and renders the XML using XSLT to provide a nice report on our current configuration.

I like this kind of thing.

@feld i don't know what's worse... that or telling everyone tomorrow will be monday on a saturday

@kaikatsu haven't used it for a long time. Does it still have those 63 genders? If so, maybe that's causing the crash?

Does any of you play any tabletop rpg? I'm thinking on playing numenera.

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@SpunkyAlpaca I am lol. Peanut butter belongs to the realm of jelly.

@vickysteeves No worries. For people in those countries (especially North Korea and Cuba) being blocked by GitHub is the tiniest of their problems.

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