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There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Chuck Norris allows to live.

@danyspin97 @jex why does the fact that it's written in Golang keep you from using it ?

@jex exactly what I need. I was looking for something like neomutt with less configuration overhead

@jex I know someone who works for them. So far it's a pretty neat service.

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Hello world!

This is my first test toot (it looks like a 'toot' is to Fosstodon.org what a 'tweet' is to Twitter.com - i.e. a short message.

Здравей, свят!

Това е първият ми тестов „toot“ (изглежда „toot“ за Fosstodon е това, което е „tweet“ за Twitter.com - т.е. кратко съобщение.

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Me: I'll work on my projects today in this low-stress environment I have managed to create.
Broken household appliances: How about no.

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Star Trek The next Generation.
I think.
If you really want, You could also watch The Original Star Trek, but it's a bit Campy.

@claudiom Suggestions?

@phoenyxgreene I had the same problem but them I found Udemy. My courses are piling up tho

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@randynose I do. I want to start watching it but it's huge. Where should I start?

@randynose I gotta watch star trek. And stargate. I heard great things of both

Clean Coder Blog, wonderful words to those who get offended by everything and anything.

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Good morning Fediverse. Now, time for some coffee.

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I hate the news. The problem with them is that 95% of the times its bad news. Perhaps that sells more than the good news?
Anyways, I'm aware that one cannot (should not?) live as a hermit but God fucking dammit, the world can't be all that bad right?

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