Does anyone own a Purism laptop? Are they actually sturdy? How's the battery life?

@mgiagante i own one. i really enjoy it. well built machine, and runs solidly. battery lasts about 5 - 7 hours generally. only thing i dont like is the mushy keyboard tbh.

happy owner of a librem13 v3

@y0x3y great to know! Is PureOS good? or you changed it by another distro?

@mgiagante @mgiagante ehhh, i'm used to debian/apt so i didn't bother changing it. it's okay?? seems reasonable enough, it does the job. i dont mind the only free as in freedom repo situation as much as i thought i might (plus its easy to add other repos) is there something in particular you're worried about?

sometimes the boot decryption screen doesnt show and i have to restart, but that's just when booting. once i'm in everything works well. except bluetooth, have to install proprietary drivers for that.


@y0x3y Nothing in particular, just that I didn't know it at all. Thinking of getting one and use it with i3wm. I wonder if and how much that will extend battery life/autonomy.

@mgiagante im used to bspwm on my desktop and really miss it on my laptop tbh. tiling window managers are dope.

gnome is a heavy beast and probably consumes a lot of battery life, but it does make certain things easier for a laptop.

@y0x3y I guess you are talking about UI features like volume control, output device selection, multiple monitors, etc? Those are quite some work to setup but if you use something pre-build like Manjaro i3 you're pretty much covered. I think there must be debian flavors/derivative with i3 preconfigured.

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