We're looking for a C++ developer to join our desktop client team!

You would work with our small and agile team to bring new features and improvements to the desktop client application. You ideally have some open source experience, know your way a bit around git and Github and live in the CET timezone.

Please boost appreciated


@mgallien Any chance of a mobile version of the desktop app? Not the Android client, but one for Linux on mobile? Possibly using Kirigami so it looks nicely in a Plasma Mobile environment?

@bart that is a tough question.
My personal understanding (but that is my opinion and not the one of Nextcloud GmbH) is that this would be welcome but most probably a contribution from community with our support like the many wonderful community Nextcloud apps.

@A @volume @mgallien

Like pictures on the line?
And now we are saving lives, what?!
@A @_ @mgallien

I gave my heart and soul to you girl. Didn't I do it baby?
@A @_ @mgallien

If it pays, learning is the least of the problems.
@A @_ @mgallien

Then if already knowing, well, the easier.
Python is sexy though.
@A @_ @mgallien

Supernintendo sega genesis, man when I was dead broke I couldn't picture this.
Now my whole crew is lounging. And she loves to show me off of course.
Birthdays was the worst days, now we drink champagne when we thirsty.

And if you don't know, now you know digger.

@mgallien reshared, I hope nextcloud will get the best developer.

@mgallien oh, snap! I would've loved to apply, but I live in Chile

hope everything goes 👍✨✨✨

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