@mgallien @gcompris Which activities do they use more? And how old are they?

cc @srevinsaju

@codewiz @mgallien @gcompris

This toot makes me remember about last Christmas.

A dad wanted to get #sugar-desktop ready for his three year old son as a Christmas present. It was 2 AM, on 25th Dec, when he ran into a problem during the installation. With a few tweaks, we got it to work! 😃

Next day, I got my Christmas gift: He sent me a pic of his little toddler enjoying the #constructionist learning.😇

Such posts make us quite happy to work on things like Sugar, Sugarizer and MusicBlocks.

@srevinsaju @codewiz @gcompris taking care of the kids and helping them learn through free open source software is really important. Thanks for your work !

@mgallien @srevinsaju @gcompris It's a very rewarding activity. That's what I want to do when I retire from the business world.

@codewiz @gcompris @srevinsaju they are 7 and 9 years old. My son used to always play the chess activities. My daughter likes the activities with letters and words.

@mgallien @gcompris Teaching the next gen the wonders of Linux ❤️ :tux:

Heh. Years ago I vaguely remember contributing some small amount of SVG artwork to gcompris. Glad it's being enjoyed! (along with the far, far more significant contributions by many others!)

@Blort @gcompris Gcompris is really a nice way to learn and to discover computers. Thanks a lot to all contributors past and present

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