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After attending the Plasma Mobile team: AUA, I have started a new project called "trainer" to build a mobile application to do some sport. I plan to publish a longer blog post soon about it.

The project is there

The invasion of Putin in Ukraine is horrible and not acceptable. This is a humanitarian crime against innocent people. I hope that everyone in Ukraine including our local team members stays safe. #Nextcloud #Ukraine

Linux App Summit 2022's call for proposals is now open and will run until the 18th or March. If you would like to speak about gaming, ecosystem growth, platform diversity, app innovation, or any other Linux App-related topic, submit your talk now.

Thank you to @kde for developing and maintaining over 200 powerful, multi-platform #FreeSoftware tools empowering so many people around the world! ❤ #ilovefs #nt

L'équipe de Kalendar est fier d'annoncer la sortie de Kalendar 1.0.0!

Cette mise à jours améliore les notifications pour les événements ainsi que les taches, ajoute un peu de couleur à l'interface et fixe la plupart des gros bogues connus. (en anglais)

We usually receive a lot of questions about Nextcloud: technical or not technical.

This ✨ is the right material to read about where you should ask for help depending on your issues or how to get started!

La Compagnie du Code, une SCIC qui propose des activité pour l'inclusion numérique à #Toulouse, se fait expulser par leur bailleur qui les colle au tribunal
Des méthodes de voyous 😡 #StratégieDuChoc

Je viens de retester SNCF Connect. Son moteur de recherche suggère qu'on peut effectuer des recherches du type "Paris Caen lundi".
J'ai donc tenté "Toulouse Perpignan", et à ce stade, j'obtiens ça en réponse, je pleure de rire 🤣
(réalisé sans trucage)

@kde The best just got even better 💪 Thanks to all developers for making it happen 💙

A member of the Nextcloud community, Benjamin A., created the app Gestion to help small businesses with their invoice management!
Read about his interview with our team:

The GNOME Foundation is now sponsoring contractors who are working on integrating payment to application developers into Flathub. 😁

Our friends at Scribus released Scribus 1.5.8!

Learn all about the new Scribus version at

My two kids are going to spent one week outside classroom doing Ski and Graffiti. Their teachers are doing their best to organize that despite the Covid-19.
They are asking for financial help to ensure every family can send their kids no matter their income.
If you are interested see this link in French

On #DestinationLinux #podcast 261! 😂❤🐧🐧

We are joined by Nate Graham from KDE to talk about Plasma and all things #KDE!🐧

+ an exciting announcement from! 📱

+ our 🐧 tips, tricks, & app picks!
#Linux #OpenSource #technews

Happy birthday! 12 years ago I founded ownCloud. Happy that the community and me can realise the full original vision at Nextcloud now.

#GCompris sort en version 2.0 pour les fêtes de fin d'année, une version enrichie avec une dizaine de nouvelles activités.
L'annonce sur le site officiel, où vous trouverez le lien de téléchargement :

@Le_Mouton_Numerique Si vous voulez imprimer l'affiche au format A4 et la coller en bas de chez vous ⬇️

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