KDE's Plasma 5.17 just landed! Check out the new smart notification system, improved and expanded System Settings, increased usability and gestures and much more!


Whew, would you look at the time... It's our birthday today! 🥳

What are your dreams for KDE in the next year? Let us know!

Couldn't make it to #Akademy2019? No worries: the talks were recorded, so now you can watch them all. Get up to speed with the improvements to Plasma (desktop and mobile), KDE's community goals and all the exciting apps for drones, VR and more.


You're a student, passionate of open-source, Linux and low-level development ? Want to work with us at Bootlin ? Then we have 5 internship topics for you in 2020: bootlin.com/blog/2020-internsh. Linux kernel development, U-Boot development, improvement of Elixir, all topics include open-source contribution. Apply or contact us for more details!

Find out what app updates KDE has released in the last month with
KDE is All About the Apps: October Update

Come to Plovdiv on October 19th on the Open Source Day event and learn how OSHW is made! We will talk about how to design, produce blank PCBs, assembly, component sourcing, crowdfunding, OSHW certification. Everyone is welcome! olimex.wordpress.com/2019/10/0


Afin d'éviter toute confusion sur quels services nous allons fermer, restreindre ou garder, nous avons retravaillé un tableau à lire et surtout à partager ! (reboosts appréciés)

Pour qui veut tout comprendre, nos explications sont ici framablog.org/2019/09/24/defra

(merci à @maiwann pour son travail <3! ) #TootOuRien #Degooglisons #Framasoft #Framapiaf #Services #CHATONS... et toujours #nodrama

Y a-t-il des personnes ici qui souhaitent aider Framasoft en développant ? On a commencé une refonte de #Framadate pour avoir une belle v2 accessible sur mobile notamment, mais on s’essouffle un peu ! Si t'es intéressé·e, c'est par ici : framateam.org/signup_user_comp canal ~Framadate !

:blobcheerbounce: A tout de suite :blobcheerbounce:


This week in KDE: Okular lets you right click-and-search for selected text in a document, you can build custom toolbar buttons in Kate and System Settings comes with a "home" button to take you quickly back to the home page. pointieststick.com/2019/09/28/

Vous connaissez un pro de #LibreOffice ? La ville de #Nancy va passer de Microsoft Office 2003 à LibreOffice à partir du 1 décembre et cherche un CDD de 6 mois pour les accompagner !

-> cap-territorial.fr/accueil.asp

#JeRecrute #JeChercheUnJob #Lorraine

Purquoi aussi j'aime FIP, le court journal d'actu qui a parlé de la mort de Chirac (avec les hommages et les critiques) se termine par la chanson de Zebda « Le bruit et l'odeur » :)

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