Après quelques avancées en matière de droit à l'information, les débats sur l'obsolescence logicielle (via le projet de loi #EconomieCirculaire) reprennent cette semaine à l'Assemblée nationale. Il n'y aura pas d'informatique durable sans logiciel libre ! april.org/de-nouvelles-opportu

Easy ways to contribute to KDE - #1203: Help migrate web pages to Mark Down: Easy ways to contribute to KDE - #1203: Help migrate web pages to Mark Down: rabbitictranslator.com/wordpre

Upgraded a network of 4 Ubiquiti NanoStation M5's to the most recent airOS version v6.2.0.

Ever since our network bandwidth dropped by a factor of 10. I thought it's just a fluke or coincidence, but downgrading to v6.1.8 reproducibly fixes the problem.

Anyone experiencing similar issues with recent firmware?

So, I decided to do weekly updates for @krita in blog, lets see for how long I keep this up, 😆


A new @kde contributor posted a nice blog post about how to port the kde websites to Jekyll and Markdown. Worth checking out.


#kde #webdev

Oyé Oyé ! Citoyennes et citoyens !
@LaQuadrature entame sa nouvelle campagne de financement.
La lutte contre la censure et pour un #Internet neutre et libre est longue, laborieuse et coûteuse.
Sans vos dons, rien ne peut être fait et voilà pourquoi quelques uns de vos deniers dont quémandés.

@kde update for week 9 and 10: Updates for the various applications including, Calindori, Phonebook, Plasma Settings, Kaidan and Spacebar. Read at : plasma-mobile.org/2019/12/06/P

If you've ever wondered why people say tools like Scribus aren't ready for professional production work let me share this blog post by @davidrevoy


This should be a slam dunk. David knows what he's doing and One Bookshelf provides instructions that clearly show how to produce a PDF to their specifications.

We need to do better, folks. Color Profiles that work for everyone except FOSS tools are unacceptable. Period. There are no excuses for this.

📗 I have in my hand the first English Pepper&Carrot book done with 100% FLOSS! But I'll need to redo it and explore workarounds: colors are wrong 😩 ... article: davidrevoy.com/article747/

J'ai ouvert #Flus la semaine dernière. J’ai déjà plus d’inscrit·es que prévu, merci ! 😊 Afin que vos premiers pas se passent le mieux possible, j'ai écrit un article pour bien démarrer : flus.io/carnet/bien-demarrer-a

@PINE64 Good to note that it's not just Ubuntu Touch, postmarketOS with Plasma Mobile is also at this state! 😀

FFmpeg lets you convert, filter, edit and play audio and video from the command line. It is also the base for many other players, graphical converters and editors. Help FFmpeg continue being amazing by donating here:



Really happy that my local library just bought the third Pepper and Carrot book after I have filled their suggestions book.
I have discovered the work of @davidrevoy thanks to them having bought the first two books.
Thanks for a very pleasant read.

.@MinetestProject is a voxel-based sandbox game/educational and collaborative tool. Think Minecraft, but open source, faster, leaner, with better cross-platform support and fantastic plugin engine. Help Minetest at:



@inkscape is a vector graphic design program that lets you create logos, banners and astounding technical and artistic drawings. Think CorelDraw! or Illustrator, but with the open SVG format and none of the closed source-ness. Support Inkscape at:



Today is #GivingTuesday. Help your favorite Free and Open Source projects by donating helping out.


For example, the Fediverse makes social media free, federated and fun.


Help, donate and use Mastodon, Friendica, or the newcomer Pixelfed, the Free and Open Source social platform for sharing your photos. #GivingTuesday


Announcing Season of KDE 2020, the program that offers mentorships and opportunities to all that want to contribute to the KDE project:


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