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@tuxedocomputers becomes a KDE Patron! TUXEDO Computers builds and provides Linux-powered computers and notebooks. From now on, the company will support KDE to ensure we can carry on making great software.

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Happy "I love Free Software Day" everyone 💕

We would like to use this opportunity to let you know that K-9 Mail needs your help.

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We are proud to announce the immediate availability of Solus 4.2, a new Solus 4 "Fortitude" series release! This release delivers new desktop environment updates, software stacks, and hardware enablement.

Read more about it at

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New #tilvids exclusive video dropping sometime tomorrow...but I'll make you all a deal, if this post gets 25+ shares in the next 4 hours, I'll post it tonight at midnight EST! ;)

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GNOME 3.38.x just landed in unstable! Interested in helping test Budgie, GNOME Shell, various GNOME apps, and more? Check out our task on our development tracker (just beware, here be dragons and feral Budgies).

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We are very excited to announce the official release of EteSync 2.0! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Thanks again to all of the testers and to @NGIZero for their support!

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Nour E-Din worked on the integration of EteSync with Evolution - GNOME’s suite for managing your emails, contacts, and schedule. EteSync allows you to synchronize Calendars, Contacts & Tasks securely across your devices. See how they did it by reading their final GSoC report!

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It's finally here, teasing is over:

I'm excited to launch today!

solution for easy encryption, signature verification and decentralized identity proofs!

I've been in favor of but I never had something to offer as an alternative. Now I do :)

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Ahead of people receiving their 's the Wiki release page has been refreshed with most notable releases:

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@iooioio ah didn't see your first post! Check out too!

Super cheap, I haven't had issues delivering messages, nice features (like aliases/catch-alls), unlimited custom domains or generate ones using their domain.

Developer seems active too and is open about the service.

Let me know if you have any other questions I can help with!

@gairsty After looking around at different ones, I have a couple domains with and like it so far.

Really well priced, admin dashboard is decent, you can add on website and email hosting if you need (I use for the latter). Seem to have good reviews online and support is supposed to be good though I've never had to contact them.

cons: has that "cute, startupy vibe" that can go a little over the top sometimes but easy to ignore.
No API access that I can see.


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