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The Phrase "I Think I am in the wrong generation"
Just me letting out some emotions and feelings once again. :)

There is this really great feeling when you notice that you're changing something about yourself for the better, something that you should've changed a long time ago.

That infamous Steve Ballmer video but "documentation documentation documentation documentation"


you know you're getting old when the pornstars you used to watch are moving from the "Teen" category to the "Milf" category...

The original spacejam website is NOT dead! Just click the logo in the top left, or just go here:

I just realized that if you don't have a phone number these days, you're basically nobody.

I think I'm going to take a break off of mastodon. maybe for a week and after that prob even for a month because I'll visit a boarding school and they only have internet at one place which I will try to avoid.

Conversations: If you're going to tell somebody that their opinion is wrong, don't just give them "uh this is wrong because of my perspective on the entire thing" but maybe try explaining your worldview first.

what if: politics, but without people constantly misinterpreting stuff and coming to worst-faith conclusions about everything

So, conversations are an art form, I recently got to realize that if you say something like "so you do this because you think of that BUT ACTUALLY YOU DON'T REALIZE THAT IT'S THIS" is a rather bad way of saying something because it makes the other person feel like a test rat that you're trying to study. keep the "but actually you don't realize that it's this" to yourself. At least for the time being, if you care about continuing a conversation.

The idea that acceptance means overly praise people for being different than you is beyond stupid, acceptance is simply not caring if someone is different. That simple.

damn, it's good to know that I'll never lose my job because people online don't like me or think that I am something that I am not. It's gotta suck for the people who use mainstream social media which their employers can check up on.

Cut off my long hair. Kinda hate the way my family reacts to it, their entire attitude changed as if I was a different person now.

Does anybody know a good place to waste a day's worth of time on?

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