@sotolf how is getting less cought in thought loops a good thing? I quite enjoy when I have them.

@Zeno @sotolf Imma go take a look at olivetti. Personally I've never needed a spellchecker and org-mode.. was nice, but never really *that* good to be worth switching over for, for me.

@sotolf indeed, it is good, definitely. but not the kind of thing I would usually listen to, not my style. sadly.

@sotolf yeah idk, it's just because it's this input-mode thing, I much prefer writing long texts in editors such as emacs or wordgrinder

@person it's because it sucks and I don't feel like wasting any RAM for it, I just requested my teacher to export it as a PDF

So, since I now have to write longer texts for school, I realized that I don't like the way vim looks for writing something other than code, I think I'm going to experiment with plugins such as Goyo and maybe even a black-on-white colorscheme

kinda awesome when your teacher uploads the paper as a docx file and you can online view it with completely broken formatting and unreadable text segments.

@yyp oh yeah that, but what do you mean, my vim config? I stole some basic settings quite a while ago but I've recently stopped doing all that much with it. I mean, it just works.

funniest shit to do when interacting with old nerds

- calling anything round you see a blu-ray, even vinyls.
- "windows 95? lol windows is at 10"
- calling internet explorer 'the old edge"
- calling every os subsystem/website/program an app
- pretending you don't know what a floppy disk is
- calling usb-c "phone plug" and usb-a "microphone plug"
- only sending them images via snapshat/instagram/discord "but its easier like that!!"
- "mail? its only to sign up to websites! what do you mean you can send mail with them? i have discord for talking!"
- "my pc? its an asus so its super fast!"

reply with your own favorites (unless you're old)

I shouldn't be allowed to talk in politics classes... I told the entire class about the problems with technologies like WhatsApp and Instagram, the problems with centralization and how it can be done better, all while the teacher was too baffled to say anything against it. totally missed the topic of the class tho.

What I love about Meat Loaf songs is that compared to most other songs I've heard, they don't just describe/talk about a single moment or even a short span of time, most of the time tell a full-blown story with start, mid and end and not only alone, but most of the time with another role and with so much energy it's just magical.

When you try to see if there is anything left in your cup, you tilt it to take a look and it turns out.. it was full.

@sotolf @koreymoffett well, I started off with i3... I didn't know anything else, but idk, I'm pretty new to tiling window managers in general, this is prob smth around my 6th month with them

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