Just a quick update, is moving to because... well, sourcehut is great and contributors don't need to create an account.

SimplyNews is online.
Supported sites at the time of writing this:
- The Guardian
- New York Post
- ItsFoss
- TheVerge
- DecentralizeToday
Read articles without javascript or any distractions, text-browser compatible.

Instance: simplynews.metalune.xyz
Source Code: codeberg.org/simple-web/Simply
Part of

I just updated the design of Translator, feel free to check it out and leave some feedback :)

so.. I've been thinking, we need an icon for but we don't know what.. so any ideas are welcome, and try to keep it simple ;)

I renamed the Suckless-Web project to Simple-Web, and it now has a Matrix room: :kde.org, feel free to join


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