I want to take the Facebook outage as an opportunity to advocate for decentralized instant messaging services & social media sites like XMPP,Matrix and the Fediverse, if one of those servers goes down it won't take down global communications. In theory I should also advocate for email because it operates exactly on that basis, but nowadays wayy too many people use gmail, so if google goes down, global email communications will probably come to a standstill as well.

@metalune The thing about email is that its really easy to selfhost with a cheap vps.
Even if gmail does go down there are other email providers and people do have more than one email now a days.

@jason123santa true, email is definitely much better than any of the others, but I would argue that hosting email isn't all that easy, since you actually seem to need a Domain name from what I know, and you need to set up the TXT records correctly so most other mail providers won't flag you as spam

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