@werwolf isn't that literally the point of it? being decentralized?

@metalune is session decentralized? I don't think so.

I can't access their website since it's Cloudflared (that also proofs that they don't care about centralization) but the last time I look at it, it was just Signal without a phone number requirement. They didn't mention anything about decentralization

@werwolf apparently they send messages through the nodes of the loki network

@metalune ohh so now it isn't a simple fork of signal anymore.

Anyway, it seems to be one of those blockchain things. I guess that it's better than a centralized server, but if you don't wanted servers at all I'd rather use P2P messengers like GNU Jami, instead of storing my messages on a "swarm".

@metalune @sl1200 It's an investment scheme where people that enter later pays the "win" of the people that entered earlier


@metalune I had session and I think my two nothing special and has some issues like notifications not showing up.
Xmpp is a much better option compared to session.

@metalune perhaps fine for small groups who all use it. Use Matrix for more advanced messaging. Not evil like Signal but I don't see much use for it. I don't know any friends using it or any communities that use it.

@metalune it is pretty neat if what they claim is true.

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