I am wondering, ever since I removed the Google Contacts app together with the Google Play Services from my phone, I can't access my contacts from any app on my phone, like Signal or WhatsApp all just show that I have no contacts although I added contacts using the Simple Contacts app, anybody experienced this and maybe even has a solution to this? Because this shit is really annoying. Boosts Appreciated.

I don't remember really well why, but I guess it's due to a hard dependency on Google Play (dis)Services

(Android is open in the sense that is like 'look but don't touch' and is therefore annoying)

@metalune Yes. This happened to me as well, even when I had google play services. The contacts app wouldn't let me save contacts to my device so I installed simple contacts but any contacts added using simple contacts would not show up in apps such as Signal or Telegram. I haven' t really found a solution. I have been manually adding the contacts within those apps.

@ashshuota even adding the contacts manually from within those apps doesn't show them in them. It just adds another contact to Simple Contacts

@ashshuota yeah, I basically lost any resemblence of a contacts app & manager

@metalune I didn't run into this problem, but before replacing firmware I installed DecSync CC, synced all contacts to desktop through syncthing. Then re-flashed my phone, installed decsync again, synced everything back. Oh, it creates alternative contact book, but signal and other apps have access to it.
Same with calendar.
Hope it will help a bit.

@metalune rhe solution is AOSP contacts apps + a good firewall denying internet access

@metalune I think Simple contacts its private. You will need aosp contacts or maybe there is a setting inside of simple contacts.

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