so.. I was wondering. When I'm gonna install CalyxOS .. how much of MicroG do I need to run Google Maps. because, frankly, I can't go without it. This is intended to become my workphone and I sometimes just need Google Maps for that

@metalune Google maps works without play services usually. So you probably don't need microG at all for that

@projectmoon really? but .. I've heard from GrapheneOS users that they can't use Google Maps so there must be something preventing them, right?

@metalune Might be an update that has messed it up. It seems to run on microG for me, though it prompts to update play services (that can be suppressed). Not heavily tested, but seems fine.

@projectmoon if you can test it directly, could I use it as a progressive web appp without play services?

@metalune You can also do that yes. That's what I have, for when I need to access Google maps

@metalune it should be noted that you don't have to turn on the connectivity to Google when using microG. It's still useful for compatibility, the map API, and network geolocation.

@projectmoon oh? hum.. well, then maybe it's worth considering then. I'll try to go without it at first. If it doesn't work out well without, then I'll just reinstall Calyx

@metalune I too have been looking for a sort of #openstreetmap app -- if you find one let me know -- I think Nano or Pico are sufficient

@Strubbl @lorendias they don't work for my usecase, I need Google Maps for my work and I need my maps to be as accurate as possible. And OSM isn't good enough in the area I work in, I tried.

@metalune @lorendias and you don't have interest in improving OSM in this area, i fear?

@Strubbl @lorendias I have interest, but it is a lot of work and I don't know where to start to be honest. But this might just be a good idea actually, I could just do it after work, just stay there for another hour and go through the areas and improve OSM

@metalune @lorendias do you have good aerial imagery for that area? That would help a lot to map and align ways and buildings. Afterwards one could work with Streetcomplete to map addresses and metadata of the buildings and ways. And finally POIs need to be mapped.

@Strubbl @lorendias well, I just need streets and house numbers, really.

@metalune @lorendias so less work to do 👍
One can deactivate the quests in StreetComplete which are not in your interest

@Strubbl @lorendias this might actually turn out awesome, if I manage to get the whole area mapped out, I 1. make a huge contribution to OSM and 2. Make my entire working process Open Source and Privacy Respecting :D

@Strubbl @lorendias no worries, I think I'll manage, I will be able to start in 2 weeks min anyway

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