So I was wondering, why is everybody so hesitant to put their face online, like what is the problem with it if you truly believe that you should face the actions for what you say other than somebody showing up and beating you to death because they recognize you from the internet, which shouldn't be the case if you 1. aren't popular 2. don't leak your location online

@metalune amusingly, the post right below this on our feed is someone's selfie
but uhh, how does putting your face online have anything to do with facing actions for what you say?

@spiral the same way that putting your real name online does, it's about losing anonymity.

@metalune ah, i see
i guess it depends. i could post a selfie or my legal name and that's not really me, it wouldn't really "de-anonymize" me, but if i try to think from the perspective of someone who has an established identity irl and who wants their online identity to be separate, then it would only be because they don't want to face consequences for whatever they say - whether those consequences are negative because they're doing something *wrong*, or they're doing good things but people irl wouldn't approve of it
it's not like it's impossible to have partially separated identities irl either, sure you have the same face and government ID or whatever but you can go to different people who don't know each other and introduce yourself with different names, eh

Says the guy with a keyboard as his profile pic. 😀

@metalune maybe the answer is as simple as some people don't like their face. might not cover everyone though

@edel @metalune I for sure don't want to look at my ugly mug all the time in here on the net, which is why I have something that is a bit more pleasing to look at :)

@metalune Why would it be anything more facing actions than using an avatar? I use a pseudonym and a not recogniseable picture because I don't feel like I want to share it, I like being anonymous, it's just me, who I am, people here probably know me better than most people in real life anyway. Also it just opens you up for googling, and people can take things out of context and start harassing campaigns, the most wholesome places I know are anonymous, while facebook is a shitshow.. go figure.

@sotolf there's a lot of thruth to this, it's just that I was wondering about it. De-anonymizing actually means that you might always be held accountable for what you say online, which of course has a lot of drawbacks when taken out of context and such

@metalune look at Facebook, do you see anyone held accountable on there? It doesn't work in practice, I have a "brand"with my nick, I mostly use the same everywhere, so I still have to watch out that I'm not being too much of a dick, accountability doesn't need someone to be deanonymised, not at all, I haven't seen it helping anywhere it has been tried, it does not work the way you think it will.

@metalune It's personal information that isn't relevant to anything. There's no benefit to me in having that information online.

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