If you visit a personal gemini capsule or website, what would you find interesting to read about the person who made it?

@metalune *Anything that is not related to gemini itself* Also I'd prefer if they are talking about stuff besides tech and foss

@metalune not going to lie, I read that as "would you find it interesting to read about the person"

I'm far from being awake enough to be on the Internet 😅

@metalune to answer the question though, properly this time, if there is a topic they're posting about a lot it's interesting to see how they got into it. In terms of "I found my love for programming death bots because when I was 6, one came back in time to take out my mother and the future needs to pay for that". If it's more general things, then a little blurb on interests, hobbies, and why they like doing them

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