A friend of mine wants to get a new smartphone, there are two main criteria: 1. replaceable battery 2. should run lineageOS, are there any phones anybody can recommend for this? any experience with them? anything could help.

@pettter @metalune might have to be fairphone 3(+). The removable battery thing is not easy to find.

@charims I won't recommend a device that hasn't even shipped yet to a friend, but I'll tell him he could take a look at it and maybe wait a few more months (maybe even a year) and look for this.

@XxAlexXx @metalune Possibly this. I think you can install Android on it now.

@XxAlexXx I doubt it's ready for daily use for somebody like him, I haven't heard too many good things about it (for normies and using it as a daily driver RIGHT now)

@metalune That is librem 5. I meant librem 4. It is more developed and robust

@jordan31 it doesn't have a replaceable battery tho, right? (or did I miss something)

@metalune Yes, you can order a new one for it. It may be aftermarket but its still possible. Though I need to say that the parts for this phone are getting harder to find and little more costly since it's so old.

@jordan31 I mean, you can order them, but is there a reasonable way to replace it as well?

@metalune Oh, also the battery is glued in, but that can be undone. So no, its not replaceable like others by design.

@jordan31 well, that's a major disadvantage. :/ I don't wanna recommend something to him that will just give him more hassle.

@metalune Yeah, I'd prob go with another suggestion if he isn't comfortable doing things like that.

@metalune I couldn't find anything that fit this criteria when I looked last year.

@technomancy Well, I couldn't either. Thats' why I'm asking here and there do seem to be *some* options.

@mike Yeah, I already told him about this one, this is probably the best option right now

@mrb yes, I've got this recommendation multiple times now, it looks promissing

@mrb @metalune Are they in Europe? I think the FP3 only works in Europe

@mrb @metalune I would love one but they don't ship to Canada? Or they didn't

@metalune Fairphone 3 can run LineageOS 17.1 and has a replaceable battery ...

@dblake yup, this has been recommended many times and I've told my friend about it :D

@metalune I run it with LOS 17.1 without GApps and/or MicroG ... Would recommend it to anyone who wants a tracker free phone :)

@metalune how modern does it have to be? I don't remember any Android phone made recently with a removable battery.

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