So... I had this idea, I call it the DistroWiki. It would be part of the Simple Web project, and therefore would work on text-based browsers, and will also have a gemini version. It is supposed to give you basic information on Linux/BSD distros and give you direct download links (with warnings, because downloading from untrusted sources is.. meh) and give you a link to their official download page. This should help downloading new distros while you don't have access to a GUI

@metalune That is a great idea. I'd be on board with it.

@metalune Friendly question - Is it like a text-based and gemini version of distrowatch?

@kqzx like distrowatch, but with out the ads, and without the ranking, just an informative collection of linux/bsd distros.

@metalune oh, this looks very cool. i'd be happy to help out if needed~

@spiral well, I'll post updates on here so once we're ready to go you'll see it :D

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