So.. there is this really awesome creator called Mythologos on Odysee/LBRY, something about the way he does things really fascinates me and he seems like a genuinely nice guy, he started using Linux approx 1 year ago and he is a writer :D It would bring me a lot of joy, if you people could at least check him out and see if you like his content :)

@metalune @person lbry seems pretty good. Best UI of the alternative yt platforms. I've not been using them in general so do tell if you think theres some cons about lbry/the others.

@Metruzanca I've used Electron apps that are faster than lbry.

@person @Metruzanca I gotta agree with @person. I don't like the LBRY interface, nor do I like the UI, nor do I like the fact that when playing in the browser it sucks up all my system resources, but it's the best alternative we've got. imho

@metalune Why lbry? It doesn't even have transcoding! Videos take years to load and centuries to download, why not PeerTube? Or a personal website?

@person because he's a writer, and he's just starting out, but leaving a comment about peertube beneigh one of his videos can surely have a great impact

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