@metalune What's the idea with the project; speed, privacy, accessibility etc?

@TiredDad yes, but it's pretty much on hold rn because there seems to be little to no interest :/

@metalune shame. I like the idea of stripping back sites to their bare essentials, kind of like a super ad blocker, but including features vs. excluding them

@TiredDad well, that's the entire point of the "Simple Web" project I founded. We currently have our main focus on tho, because.. well, as I said, lack of interest on freebay :/
(My instance : simplynews.metalune.xyz)

@metalune it’s a great idea. I’ll use the news service. Good luck with it!

@TiredDad awesome, btw, do you have any sites you wish to be added? (we almost added all the sites we were recommended) Even some local sites, i.e. greek, german, portugese etc sites

@metalune New York Times & dailymail.co.uk/news/index.htm are my poison (don’t judge me 🙂). I assume you scrape them and extract the content using the structured markup? Or maybe use RSS or sitemap.xml feeds? I can see this ultra light approach working well for users with poor mobile connections e.g. in rural and emerging markets Might be some legal issues down the road if it takes off, after all these publishers will forgo ad revenue

@TiredDad 1. will add NYT and dailymail to the list, and we scrape the websites and structure them. and for the "recent articles" we currently use the RSS feeds :D. And I am actually working on this legal thing right now, gonna contact the Invidious and NewPipe team, but in theory we **could** be safe, because of laws in germany. But if we have to, we will turn this into a runnable application, thereby bypassing all copyright laws

@metalune clever. Cool, I’ll bookmark and use. Good luck!

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