@metalune After listening to this in full. This is by far one of my favorite dev memes now. Thanks for sharing.

I wonder if there's more musical parodies about languages...

@Metruzanca I already know that one, but I can hardly relate since I was lucky enough to never really get that deep into javascript

@metalune Oh, I have a folder of javascript memes. That way, if someone sends me a meme to lowkey and tries to say my language is bad, I can reply with a better self-deprecating js meme.

@metalune Hmmm no really... Haven't used that folder since an awesome colleague I had a year ago.

Js is in a really good place nowadays.

@Metruzanca well, at least for the devs, for the users... not so much *initiating dad-wheeze*

@metalune Personally, I refuse to say to disable js just because there are a few bad actors.

One of the reasons I like web development so much is its accessibility and flexibility.

Some native apps are adopting web UIs vs traditional UIs. e.g. Syncthing & Miniflux


@Metruzanca I am not a big fan of that, quite honestly, Web UIs tend to be much heavier and the only real advantage is that they look better and are sometimes easier to write (but only sometimes)

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