Let me introduce:
A simple dmenu script that allows you to translate to your hearts contempt

@metalune Cool :) And congrats, Having just made a project that's usable by myself too, it feels great to get it out there :)

@sotolf what was your project? (I scrolled through your history but I don't think I saw anything)

@metalune Ah, it's tapet, a wallpaper downloader, autoswitcher that I wrote in rust as a learning project, I switched to dogfooding it on sunday :)

@sotolf Det ser jævla kult ut, jeg ønsket å lære rust også, men kom aldri til det

@metalune Det ser jævlig kult ut, jeg har villet lære meg rust også, men klarte aldri helt å få det til. ;) close but no cigar ;)

@sotolf hehe, blame google. I just assumed that you were norwegian which is why I quickly translated my answer into norwegion ;)

@metalune yeah, I got that it was a machine translation, mostly because it used the wrong wish, that one's only really used for wish as in "want for christmas" ;) it could be used in that context some times, but it sounds stilted and strange :p I'm impressed it did the swearing pretty well though ;)

@sotolf well, who cares about the grammar as long as the swearing worked ;)

@metalune Exactly! It's the most important part after all ;)

@kuken @metalune jeg er norsk, eller ivhertfall den siste gangen jeg sjekka :p

@metalune rust is a really cool language, it just feels good, and the security harness of the type system is great, usually when it compiles it runs, and serde is such a magical serializer, basically just make your structures and mark them as (de)serializable and it just magically works, I was so amazed every time it just worked ;)

@metalune It's a lot of fun once you start agreeing with the compiler, we were fighting a lot in the beginning :p But we've come to terms after a couple of days, I still don't always manage to keep my pointers in order, but the compiler always tell me to add some pointers or references, and it's usually very helpful. It's like a c++ mixed with ocaml, and it's less prone to letting you shoot yourself in the foot ;)

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