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There's something incredibly... wonderful about writing a person an email after you've read their gemlog which you randomly stumbled over. And if they answer and you actually end up having a real conversation. This. This is peak internet.

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SimpleerTube, a text-browser compatible, JS-free front-end for all PeerTube instances. Includes js-free SepiaSearch on the main page
Part of the "Simple Web" project

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Let me introduce:
A simple dmenu script that allows you to translate to your hearts contempt

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About minimalism and letting go off things. The movie "The Butterfly Effect" ends with the sentence "I don't need that stuff to remind me of who I am" as the protagonist throws a lit-up match into a huge bucket with stuff from his childhood and mainly his diaries.

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In case there's an overlap between people who play Minecraft and people who use IRC, I just made a server plugin that bridges IRC and in-game chat

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Hallo #Fediverse - Frage zum Videochat mit Signal, bitte.

Ich möchte gerne während des Chats den Bildschirm umdrehen von Selfie auf - äh - das andere (Foto oder wie heißt das?), um meinem Gegenüber zB etwas im Raum zu zeigen, ohne dass ich mich verrenken muss.

Geht das irgendwie?



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I'm unsure to be happy that I'm the first instance or to be ashamed that it's porn 😅

I'm fairly happy with my digital footprint now, I've got 10 Online Accounts that are made and controlled by me (I don't count accounts for my apprenticeship because I don't have control over that) and I don't count accounts on my own server obviously. 10 Databases that have my updated data attached to an actual account. I could go down even further...

I just published the source code for my favourite software I wrote recently, "goreader" (or actually I used to call it FreshReader when it was in python, I've now rewritten it in go) it works as a CLI for my FreshRSS server but it can work with any GReader API compatible server

I have now overclocked my Raspberry Pi 4 to a smooth 2GHz with a GPU Frequency of 750 MHz and it's running blissfully because of my double-fan case that I got, it's staying under 50 Degrees

I just rewrote my init.vim into an init.lua file and I have to say it was much easier than expected

alright I've got a keyboard now, it's an old-school membrane keyboard by lenovo and it just about fits into my suitcase (I had to cut some corners... literally, lol) now I'm working on the mount so it stays at the top so I can type more comfortably, after that I'll probably check out how I can mount the Raspberry Pi itself, after that I'll probably do the mounting panel for my display panel.

I just want to quickly shout out the german band Systemabsturz, they make music about data privacy and security.

Ok, I decided to use a different design for my custom Laptop Build, I'm going to use an old aluminium suitcase of mine and use the laptop display of my ThinkPad T450s. I just ordered the controller board for my panel. I just need to figure out what keyboard and trackball I want to use for the controls, and how I'm going to align the power cable.

@bbbhltz I just read your newest story "We have a Winner" and it had me sitting on the edge of my seat, great job! I love reading your stories!

@kzimmermann has there been anything new in your Raspberry Pi Journey? I've been running this as a daily driver for like 3 to 4 weeks now I think and I haven't had any problems.

I figured out that librewolf runs much faster than Chromium on my Raspberry Pi.. yay! Firefox ran much slower so I thought I had to use Chromium, but now I'm all librewolf once again :)

I'm once again looking for jobs in IT. I'll try to get an apprenticeship as a programmer or system administrator once I finished my apprenticeship as chimney sweep. This is gonna be a ride, now I just need to learn LaTeX once again so I can easily write my CV and everything else.

I've come to the conclusion that probably the biggest reason why one (like myself) might not switch away from a smartphone to a dumbphone is the camera, smartphone cameras are amazing, and most importantly they are always with you.

I think that ATMOS from Doctor Who Season 4 is supposed to represent Big Tech, lol...

Alright, I'm in contact with a person who is going to send me a 15" TFT Sony Display which I plan to use as the internal display for my custom Raspberry Pi 4 Based Laptop

Hey everybody, I'm looking into building a laptop case for my Raspberry Pi, I want to have a Display that is between 12" - 15.4" in size and has a Full HD resolution, I have no problems buying a used display from an old laptop but it should be affordable (50 - 100 Euro) does anybody know any good options for this? Boosts Appreciated

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