Hi everyone.

I'm a developer who is interested in FOSS, roguelikes, privacy and all things Lisp. Recently I've also gotten into philosophy.

Hoping to find some interesting people to follow here.

@met you had me at roguelikes.

What ones are your favorite?

@wholesomedonut I've only recently gotten into roguelikes so I haven't gotten to try all the big names yet. My current favorites are Caves of Qud, Angband and CDDA. Also looking to develop my own in my spare time (maybe it'll be finished sometime this century).

@met I have a soft spot for Angband. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

If you’re brand-new to the genre I’d highly recommend trying out multiple different styles. Rogue like in its traditional sense is top-down, turn based, and often ASCII RPG’s. But the procedural generation and basic RPG elements open it up to many more options.

If you’re into a more first-person experience I’d highly recommend Barony and Delver. Both very enjoyable and lightweight, also cross-platform!

@wholesomedonut Thanks for the recommendations! I actually own Barony but never got into it. I've come to realize I prefer the turn-based nature of classic roguelikes as it gives you more time to consider your next move in a life-or-death situation. But I know there are also a lot of those games I need to try. DCCS, Nethack and Cogmind are on my todo-list.

You had me at "philosphy".

Welcome! I am also new, hope you find your place in the community. Everybody is very nice here.

@met ... did you say Lisp? :) is it Common Lisp, Clojure or something entirely different?

(also, welcome!!!)

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