I've been trying out messenger, in the last few days. It's a very impressive software. Love the concept!

But it's kinda lonely πŸ˜…, can't find many people using it.

If anyone is using Briar, lets add each other and test it out!

This is my contact ID

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@mesh4545 briar is excellent! Unfortunately, I've been waiting for version 1.3, as it's a milestone release where they should finally support files transfer and image sharing. Unfortunately, their team have been lacking in funding, and have other commitments, so progress has been slow. If and when they can support file transfers and desktop clients, I think it'll be a most excellent alternative communication tool. πŸ‘

Cool.. Let me know when you get it... πŸ‘

@mesh4545 can you compare it to Matrix? In what situation you would choose Briar over Matrix?

@cos Both apps have completely different goals and use cases...

is meant more for convenience and mass adoption. It doesn't have good metadata protection.

In my opinion, is the ultimate in security and anonymity (while sacrificing convenience). If your life depends on it, use Briar.

@mesh4545 Understood. Personally I don't have use for life-dependent hard security. On Matrix end to end encryption and metadata staying on private homeservers is enough for me even for private discussions.

@cos Thats true for most people, a good open source messenger that's not centralized...

But it's good that projects like this exist; you'll never know when you might need it in the future πŸ˜‰

@mesh4545 @cos In some cases Briar seems too paranoid and I didn't find a way to tailor it to my needs. For example the requirement to log in every time I turn the screen back on means no notifications about new messages when the phone is in my pocket. A trade off not worth much in my threat model.

You're right.. it's not really meant for everyday use. I'm just playing around with it.
It's still in development will improvebin the future

@Makdaam @mesh4545 @cos
this should be fixed. You should remain logged in, until you or your android settings define different.

In >settings you can also turn on/off the App lock, which is an additional setting and lets you continue to run Briar in the background, also when it's locked.

If you give it another try, feel invited to send us feedback.

@mesh4545 I'm in the same boat. I will try adding you later.

@mesh4545 #Briar is very promising but it really needs a *good* desktop client library.

Mine briar://abma7ktiwbwvxuilhlv7kfqlz6gvg4bip72qenvunyo4lzh664tb6

@mesh4545 i just tried connecting to you. Here's mine


@mesh4545 yess! great software πŸ˜ƒ I hope some day, not so distant, they solve how to sync and get notifications without draining device battery.

I don't blame @briar , I know it's difficult without using google's services (which I'm not) and other central server.

Yup we just have to wait for further development!
Hopefully Briar-gtk will be ready by the time linux phones go mainstream

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