Change is hard. RMS has stepped down from the FSF and MIT. He's done great good and great harm. This is a massive win for diversity and inclusion. All credit to the brave people who spoke up and took risk to help get the right thing done. Show the FSF you support this change and the mission of their organization independent of any individual's actions by becoming a member.

@meonkeys I never saw RMS a someone against any kind of diversity or inclusion. Even in his later comments. Can you give me specific references?

@masterofthetiger @meonkeys there's this for example:

Being turbo sexist is a way to control women in your space, which goes against diversity and inclusion.

@meonkeys Removing him as president is one thing, but they pretty much ruined his life. I don't see this as a "massive win" for anyone, the whole situation sucks all around.

@meonkeys So the FSF thinks RMS' merits are on the same level as all his sidesteps)? If it's like that I will probably never join.
PCness should never trump it.
Opinions should never be measured the same as actual deeds.

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