Did you watch the Sunday Keynote from the #Nextcloud Conference yet? Executive Director of the Smart Citizenship Foundation & international human rights lawyer, Renate Avila talked about the fight for a better, fairer and more open internet.

@purism what is the battery capacity in watt-hours for the Librem 13 laptop?

This is a critical read about human rights and modern life, especially for folks in the tech world: amnesty.org/en/latest/news/201

Check out Facebook's response in the full report, too.

I noticed a suicidal user on Hacker News, a popular tech news blog / discussion forum. I let the Hacker News staff know via their email contact link and I'll recommend the suicide prevention line to the user.

Anyone have any other ideas on how I might be able to help them?


“The technology behind the internet is not incompatible with our rights, but the business model Facebook and Google have chosen is.”

Yep, that’s Amnesty International saying that.


Come join my research collective @comdatasci! Applications to work directly with me at @UwCom are due 12/1. I'm happy to talk about the possibility of joining our group either this round or at some point in the future!
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It's grad school application seaso@comdatasci@twitter.activitypub.actore considering a PhD in communication, infor@UwCom@tw…

Some cool collaboration/sync/privacy research by Kleppmann et al at Ink & Switch: inkandswitch.com/local-first.h . Nextcloud should have got at least an honorable mention ( nextcloud.com/ ).

Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) sound cool.

Many interesting links in there, including the library of congress recommended formats: loc.gov/preservation/resources

Taking about trends in gendered language, using Ann Leckie's amazing book Ancillary Justice as an example of a story with all gender neutral pronouns or "gender flattening." At Eva Monsen's talk on the Regender project. @SeaGL

Eva Monsen's stellar talk using Natural Language Processing to flip genders in text!

Sage Sharp rocks! We can create an environment where impostor syndrome will not exist.

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I’ve always been interested in drawing digitally but never have. And now, a 10 year old is demonstrating how she creates digital characters using open source @Krita_Painting@twitter.com and it’s MAGICAL ✨🧙‍♀️

Thank you

Mako at the helm. "Strategic openness is strategic closedness"

Calling all Faifcast fans! Our Executive Director @o0karen0o and Distinguished Technologist Bkuhn are going to be doing a LIVE podcast this weekend at SeaGL. If you can get to Seattle, you'll get to see the magic in person. osem.seagl.org/conferences/sea

"Wanna know what makes SeaGL special? We're FREE, we provide childcare, and we have a tea meetup called TeaGL! Learn more here and see you FRIDAY!!!"


#SeaGL #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #Seattle #FreeSoftware #TeaGL

Calling all #Tesla owners: let's discuss the source code for the #GPL'd parts of your car! Learn how to join the conversation with us at sfconservancy.org/blog/2019/oc

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