Nonprofit ops/infra jobs alert -- boosts appreciated:

Freedom of the Press Foundation (where I work) is hiring a Senior DevOps Engineer. Budgeted base salary range is $90-$110K/year, remote-friendly for folks working in PT to ET time zones. Working in NYC office is also an option.

Responsibilities will include building out our Continuous Delivery infra using Kubernetes, and supporting the SecureDrop open source project and other technical initiatives by FPF. More:

Sounds like it still relies on some online parts which you can't self-host (no idea if _these_ are FLOSS, but since you can't self-host, I'm guessing proprietary):

"For the technically savvy home user, we'll soon release the necessary pieces to run the entire experience in a household behind a firewall."

so... when?

Is Mycroft 100% FLOSS? Or does it require some proprietary bits?

The other keynotes are, &! I'm *even more* humbled to be at the top of the program with those three! 2019 is going to be great!

As a lifelong Seattleite and most-of-my-lifelong free software person, I am *incredibly* honored to be giving one of the keynote addresses at this year.
The fourth and final @seagl 2019 keynote has just been announced. We are very excited to have @makoshark presenting -

pandoc ( ) can convert Word .docx files to Markdown. This is fantastic.

It failed for me once ("couldn't parse docx file") so I used LibreOffice Writer to convert the offending .docx to .odt and was able to convert _that_ to Markdown.

pandoc -s in.odt -t markdown -o

Change is hard. RMS has stepped down from the FSF and MIT. He's done great good and great harm. This is a massive win for diversity and inclusion. All credit to the brave people who spoke up and took risk to help get the right thing done. Show the FSF you support this change and the mission of their organization independent of any individual's actions by becoming a member.


Trisquel works (not on the System76 laptop, but on an old ASUS laptop). Yay!

I'm trying to get something from running on my System76 Galago Pro laptop. I need keyboard, monitor, mouse, and wifi to work. "Live" version preferred, I just want to try it out. Any recommendations?

PureOS USB disk doesn't boot, no idea why. Guix doesn't have a live version. Trying Trisquel next.

@Purism I set up a torrent using ( following ). Here's the torrent file: . Maybe you could host that .torrent file?

I didn't include the SHA-256 checksums file from , figuring folks should download that from you to verify files.

@Purism can I download PureOS with bittorrent? I'm getting 100 KiB/s using the link on

Richard Stallman will be speaking about free software and your freedom. His speech will be nontechnical, admission is gratis, and the public is encouraged to attend.

Seattle Public Library (Central Branch) - Main Auditorium, 1st Floor, 1000 Fourth Ave., Seattle, WA 98104

Tue Sep 6, 2019, 4pm - 8pm Pacific

You may think your Gmail account is private, but Google disagrees. Google told a judge that users have "no legitimate expectation of privacy." Proton = privacy.

I'm disappointed with what Firefox does on first startup. They should get rid of the google API calls. Yes, this is hard. Yes, they can.

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