What's your favorite self-hosted FLOSS media server?

* minidlna
* ampache
* kodi
* mediagoblin
* gerbera

I'm looking for something to stream at home (to rhythmbox, set-top TV computer, mobile devices) at least home videos, and music, but ideally more types of media too. DLNA and DAAP look useful.

For posterity: rdfind did the job well. Saved me 500GB of space!

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TeaGL is SeaGL's annual #tea swap. As a virtual event this year we added a postal tea swap

sign up by the 19th take part in the swap

select Magic 8 Tea-Ball for random tea or give us your preferences for loose leaf / bagged and which teas you prefer

Our TeaGL lead will match you with a tea buddy for the tea exchange (via a #SeaGL volunteer if anonymi-tea was elected for anonymous exchange)


[ Nextcloud form for the signup ]

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #FLOX #FreeAsInTea

File de-duplication time! Which FLOSS one(s) do you know/like? (too many for a poll)

* duff
* dupeGuru
* duperemove
* fslint
* hardlink
* jdupes
* rdfind
* rmlint
* something else?

Life goal, check: ask Google to delete YouTube data. myaccount.google.com/deleteser makes it easy. Most of the 40k+ videos were from my automatic chicken door.

The SeaGL cfp is open! SeaGL welcomes new speakers! This year it wants tech talks, culture talks, performance art and FLOSS topics

Talks are 20 minutes with 10 min for Q&A

#SeaGL again holds office hours if you'd like some help or encouragement for your talk proposals, every Wednesday at noon Pacific between July 22 and August 19


cfp closes August 19th

SeaGL is November 13th - 14th

#cfp #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #OfficeHours #FLOX #Seattle #PacificNorthwest

Would you like to help PR for a great virtual FLOSS conference? I'm chair of SeaGL's PR and outreach committee

SeaGL is a volunteer run, grassroots conference usually in Seattle, this year we will be online

We are actively seeking assistance for the committee and also ambassadors to help us communicate with other community organzation

Please contact me if you're interested in helping out

#SeaGL #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #FLOX #HelpWanted #VirtualConf #CovidChange

FLOSS for human language learning?

Any recommendations for Free Software to learn a language? Preferably something in debian or F-Droid repos

Need some refreshes on a couple languages

Need something for language learning rather than just vocabulary trainers like flashcard apps

Hmm, Nexcloud module would work, too


Some good music from a good man. Aaron English & Aerin Tedesco: "All the Waters of This World" (Live @ Old Town School of Folk Music) invidio.us/watch?v=Z7E_515KqrE

Today at 2pm ET/6pm UT: instead of licensing or copyleft this week, we'll be discussing how to dismantle systemic racism in free software. #conservancy on freenode, sfconservancy.org/blog/2020/ma

Know your rights when you share your hard work! Guest post on my blog: adammonsen.com/post/1938/

NEW FSF MEMBER BENEFIT: free software video conferencing! We have launched a free (as in freedom) videoconferencing service using Jitsi Meet: u.fsf.org/33h Join the FSF as an associate member today: u.fsf.org/63

I just learned the video is up of "Countering Imposter Syndrome Culture", Sage's 2019 SeaGL keynote! There are lots of talks for people who have imposter syndrome, but this talk tells you how to avoid triggering imposter syndrome in others. archive.org/details/imposter_2

SeaGL organization meeting today at 17:00 Seattle time ( a little less than 2 hours from post time )

#SeaGL will be a virtual conference this year, so even more reason for remote participation in putting on the conference

agenda: pad.sfconservancy.org/p/seagl_

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #RegionalConf #VirtualConf #CovidChange #FLOX

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