Want to help provide desperately-needed medical devices during the COVID-19 pandemic? We want to get you connected. Learn more about the HACKERS and HOSPITALS initiative: u.fsf.org/30v

Bradley and I recorded an episode of the Free as in Freedom Podcast at @SeaGL. It was much fun, and now feels all the more precious that it happened at all. We've posted the "live-on-tape" show:



What free software programs are you using purely for fun during quarantine? Got any recommendations to share?

We'll once again be meeting up in IRC this week for FOSS companionship, see you in two hours! #conservancy on freenode. sfconservancy.org/blog/2020/ma

#DRM on medical equipment has always been a threat to human health and lives, as well as a violation of our rights, and now DRM on ventilators may actually cost lives: u.fsf.org/30n Sign up to learn more about our campaign against DRM: u.fsf.org/30j

Conservancy has been a 100% remote organization for over 5 years and we thought it might be helpful to share some of the free software tools that we use to do our work. Questions welcome!


There's still a little time to have your lightning talk included in #LibrePlanet2020! Follow the instructions we've posted here to submit your 5-minute video, and have it played during the conference: u.fsf.org/30h

I donated whole blood Saturday and I heard from the blood center folks overall, the call for donations worked! komonews.com/news/coronavirus/ . This was a good excuse to get back on a regular schedule for donating whole blood or blood components.

Here's my awesome team!

"On this we're celebrating our incredible team. They help save lives by creating tools that use to move the needle on performance and be the best they can possibly be. Thanks for your positive impact to help improve patient outcomes."


BREAKING: We’ve confirmed that the Ring doorbell app on Android covertly shares personally identifiable information on its users with third-party companies, including Facebook.


We're down to the wire,so we wanted to let everyone know that you have until 2020-01-15 23:59:59 in AoE (Anywhere on Earth, UTC-1200) to help us make the last US$17,938 for our big annual match challenge. Let your donation to us count twice by giving now! Less than 40 hours left!

Learn #python and #datascience (or volunteer to mentor) at the sixth "Community Data Science Workshops" in #Seattle in January/February! Register before noon Sunday January 12 at: wiki.communitydata.science/Com

Feeling like you want to put some money towards something that matters? Invest in software freedom today -- and get your gift doubled! sfconservancy.org/news/2019/no

Going to be seeing friends and/or family this week and wondering if you should talk with them about software freedom? We asked some of our #freesoftware pals for advice! (Thanks Alice, @mako @meonkeys Eric and Abby!) sfconservancy.org/blog/2019/de

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