You know what's even more fun than speaking at SeaGL? Speaking at SeaGL with friends! We're a very friendly place for new speakers in case your friend is new to all this. CFP closes on August 11th.

Great article on VPN server transparency by Mullvad.

Check out their recent blog post on coreboot, too.

SeaGL proposals open

I can't make it this year, but it's a great conference. Would be cool to see some fediverse talks submitted.

SeaGL call for presentations closes in a weekish, on August 11th

Once again SeaGL is offering office hours to help prospective speakers with their proposals!

The last help sessions are Wednesday at noon Pacific and Sunday evening before the #cfp closes

They are Wednesdays from noon to 13:00 Pacific time ( today ), join #SeaGL on Freenode to participate

#SeaGL is #November 15-16

#FLOSSconf #FLOX #FLOSSevent

⌨️ new (to me) handy GNOME keyboard shortcut: "q" to quit app while using Alt-Tab to cycle through apps

Hi #freesoftware pals! One more pass is available for helping out with the Conservancy booth on Wednesday or Thursday morning at #OSCON! We 💚 volunteers!

Dear every website,

Yep, I know you use cookies.

In Portland OR and/or attending #OSCON next week? Conservancy could use your cheerful, free software appreciating presence at our booth on the 17th and/or 18th. Booth volunteering is an amazing way to help us grow, so please get in touch!

Seattle GNU/Linux Conference Call for Papers is OFFICIALLY OPEN! June 25 - August 11!

Won't you join us? We are a wonderful OSS conference in our SEVENTH year!

Want to shred an NVMe hard drive? Example: `time sudo shred -v /dev/nvme0n1` (run from a USB-booted live linux distro)

I've never tried Arch Linux but I sure read & reference their docs often. Thank you to the folks who wrote these! Case in point:

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