My switch from macOS to Linux

Why did I switch, what I like about @gnome and a guide on how you can try Linux too

@markosaric any apps that you had grown accustomed to that you're missing right now?

@meno yes! i'm missing an easy way in Gnome to take 20 seconds breaks every 20 minutes to rest my eyes. the 20-20-20 rule.

i also miss a built-in dictionary so i can highlight any word in any app and get a quick definition of the word.

and last but not least i miss a wayland-option for a text expander & spell checker that automatically fixes my typos rather than me manually having to click to fix

@markosaric Ok. These don't sound like big problems :)
The main issue I have with Linux is the lack of programs like Ableton Live, Affinity Designer/Photo, etc...

@meno ah yeah those are down to the companies creating them. i've switched to open source alternatives for any software that doesn't want to support Linux


@markosaric absolutely! I'd say that it depends on the field that you're working in and the people you're working with whether it's realistic to switch softwares like that.
At least blender has linux support!

@meno true. perhaps it was easier for me as i didn't rely on any software that doesn't support linux for work. i'm mostly spending my time in the browser.

my suggestion is as someone interested in linux you can try and present alternatives and talk to people about those choices. some people are more understanding than others and as long as you can deliver good results it shouldn't matter how you do it

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