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I could use windows if there's no horrible bugs, telemetry, flaky optimizations, shitty I/O, horrible memory management, dreadful number of services, awful boot time because of the trollercoaster of the system files and... wait... And I have to pay for this?

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" True greatness is measured by how much freedom you give to others, not by how much you can coerce others to do what you want."
-- Larry Wall

This can be applied in many areas of FOSS, and I can say we don't have true greatness.

It took me some decades to discover that after level 20 comes the "Pro" level (the one you could choose pressing game-select).

I can abstract movies with absurd scripts, but geez, stop using virus as a solution to win a war against an alien army. Why the hell they think it's a good idea?

People love to talk about fragmentation and stuff, but do you want to know what really damage open source communities? Cliques. That's the eternal disease of open-source communities.

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RIP Alan White (Yes) and Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode).

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"Linux is bad because I have an ubuntu problem"
"Desktop on linux is inconsistent because I have a gtk problem"
"only systemd uses the linux API that I'm not aware of"

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Talking about Ukraine, I don't know too much music from there. Actually, by name I know two: Flëur and Obiymy Doschu, and they're really nice.

I will start cleaning the house from linux that I still run from the older kernels, I can't afford having unbootable machines from the time being. Everything will be eventually migrated to FreeBSD where things work without the "suprisingly unbootable new features".

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So that's it. From the linux kernel point of view, this will not be changed and from kernel 5.16, I have two machines that can't boot because the new concurrent positioning ranges (a feature that makes no sens to me). In the last 25 years, this is the first time I can boot a linux, what a joke.

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