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Every time I use Firefox, this sort of thought runs through my head.

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Microsoft: Here's (new) Edge! Our latest and best integrated browser, it can even be your default mail handler.
Me: Except for like... Office 365, right?
Microsoft: Right, you have to use Chrome or Firefox for that.
Me: ....

Usr-merge is an horrible idea with terrible excuses.

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I could use windows if there's no horrible bugs, telemetry, flaky optimizations, shitty I/O, horrible memory management, dreadful number of services, awful boot time because of the trollercoaster of the system files and... wait... And I have to pay for this?

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"We don't distinguish by license type"

I had already made the decision to self-host, but this is even more reason why people should consider moving off GitHub.

Maybe its the tip to ditch my entire linux ecosystem and stop using shitty filesystems once and for all, too much problems for nothing

Ways to recover a btrfs filesystem that decided to break without reason and now is unmountable: 0

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Trade-Free alternatives to:

- Facebook/Twitter
- Dropbox/Google Drive/iCloud
- Youtube/Vimeo
- Google Search/Bing
- Google Docs/Microsoft Office
- Wetransfer
- Pocket
- Google Maps
- Spotify (desktop)
- Windows/MacOS plus most of the apps found on these operating systems

Plus more such services here

Help us keep them trade-free and add a lot more. Donate if you can


Forcing TPM as requirement is stupid, unless you will enforce encryption to all possible scenarios, which is also stupid

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Какой редактор кода вы используете? 

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I maintain the AUR packages related to Logitech G15 keyboards since I maintain the code now. Most of them are already updated. I'm trying to port to (which is already work) but I could use some help. Here's the main ones.

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Responsive design doesn't mean make your desktop look the same as your mobile site. It means using flexible layouts and breakpoints to adapt for different user agents

Just look at this rubbish:

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