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Also, there's no reason the two can't co-exist! Message Styling deliberately doesn't tell you how to style things, just what directives should start styling! When the user types "*Strong Emphasis*" it's easy to convert that to "*𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐠 π„π¦π©π‘πšπ¬π’π¬*" and just let Message Styling be the trigger!

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While we disagree with its characterization of Message Styling (which is widely implemented, possibly more so than XHTML-IM ever was), we hereby announce our intent to implement XEP-0457: Message Fancying! Definitely real. Nothing to see here.

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This weeks Office Hours are today (Mar 31st)! Join us for " bridging us all together" by Stephen Paul Weber (singpolyma) at 17:00 UTC!

More info and signups at:

Are there any code forges that are operated as a co-op? I'm aware of @codeberg :codeberg: and but I'm making a list and could use some more, especially U.S. based ones.

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Join us today at XMPP Office Hours πŸ“’ for a talk "Designing Message Styling" by Sam Whited at 17:00 UTC (26th of March '21)

Join here:

You also would like to give a talk? More info at:

This weeks Office Hours will be "Designing Message Styling" by the creator of Mellium, @sam. Tune in at 17:00 UTC on Friday March 26th. More info here:

Daniel's talk "Verifying A/V calls with OMEMO" is starting in about 20 minutes, tune in!

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Join us tomorrow at XMPP Office Hours πŸ“’ for a talk by Conversations developer Daniel Gultsch on verifying A/V calls with OMEMO at 17:00 UTC (19th of March '21)

Join here:

You also would like to give a talk? More info at:

Join us tomorrow, March 19th, for a talk by Conversations developer Daniel Gultsch on verifying A/V calls with OMEMO at 17:00 UTC! More info at

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We have a few office hours coming up over the next two weeks- hope to see many more faces :)

3/24 @ 22:00 UTC: CO-OPOLY game session

3/31 @ 16:00 UTC: Intro to XMPP (non-tech)

Check the announcements for links to the rooms!

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My I-D registering a channel binding mechanism using TLS exporters is in last call at the #IETF! If you're a tech-inclined person, and especially if you're a TLS expert, please consider giving it a review and sending feedback!

Note that we've recently changed the default branch to be the `main' branch. Patches should be created against `main' now.

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If you use an #XMPP compatible instant messaging service and are interested in cooperative development, please join our new chat room, "":

Just pushed 19 tiny commits that all fix tiny issues like redundant return statements and removing unused code. Sometimes you just need a quick, easy win.

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The Newsletter for February 2021 is out!

Many many news alike OpenPGP for XMPP, 7 client updates and 5 videos and much more - Thanks to everyone contributing!

Enjoy reading! πŸ“° β˜•

XMPP folks: how many core contributors does your project have? Most of the XMPP related projects we're familiar with are only 1 or 2 regular contributors and the occasional drive-by patch.

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ISSUE 01: Fertile Grounds has arrived! Our first issue contains eight creative pieces and a series of kaoani inspired animated GIFs. You can read it on the World Wide Web here >>

If you use and use a chat service that's compatible with be sure to join the room at:

Experimenting with running staticcheck against the various libraries and modules we maintain. So far it's going quite well and catching a lot of little nits and issues!

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