Yesterday was May Day, Labour Day, and, National Ride a Bike Day in the U.S. and now today is day (5/2/22)!

Join us tomorrow (2021-12-14) at 17:00 UTC for the office hours! Fabian Sauter is presenting "Fighting Windows and XMPP — Building a (modern?) Windows XMPP Client".

More info:

Did you know that you can follow the group on Lemmy (federated forums/Reddit) directly from Mastodon? Check it out!

Worth reading, a lot of this is why we decided to base Mellium on instead of Matrix back when we started it:

Reminder that tomorrow is the Office Hours virtual co-working hour! Join us for an hour of hacking on your favorite projects!

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 5th at 16:00 UTC) the Office Hours are back! This time we're showing off and the XSF's new fiscal hosting services! Projects interested in fiscal hosting are welcome to stop by and ask questions. See you there?

A group that is partially involved in Mellium is considering setting up a new cooperatively governed and run node in the network. If you're interested in being a part of that effort, reach out! Here or in our chat room.

Just sent the first groupchat message through Communiqué! Lot's more to do, but the basics of joining a room, sending, and receiving messages are working!

An initial design draft for advertising Entity Capabilities is out. If you're familiar with and we'd love your feedback and suggestions!

For such a last minute thing we sure did accomplish a lot at today's last minute Office Hours informal hangout!

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There are no Office Hours today, but if anyone is bored and just wants to live-program or doodle on the shared whiteboard or something, I'll be hanging out in the room for the next 40 minutes or so:

We've outlined our history syncing strategy on the ModernXMPP docs and would love for other clients to do the same, if you're willing. This is part of a push to write a standard that outlines best practices, and we'd love to cooperate with you all!

Just pushed an early implementation of history fetching for Communiqué! A few more bugs and missing UX related features to iron out, but then it will be on to group chat.

Oh, and also, we just announced a new client with a Terminal User Interface (TUI)! The release can be found here: and we'll be demoing it in ~1 hour for the XMPP Office Hours:

We've submitted a new ProtoXEP to the and would love your feedback before it gets accepted. The TL;DR is that it lets the server authorize a third party entity to generate invites without the entity needing to communicate with the server.

The Office Hours today will be a demo of our recent ad-hoc commands support in Mellium. We'll use it to draw some configuration forms for popular XMPP service and discuss some of the problems with the specs we ran into. Join us at 1600 UTC!

We also just put a live demo on the calendar for the Office Hours! Join us on Tuesday, June 1st for a quick demo of ad-hoc commands, TUI forms, and a discussion of the spec and how it can be improved. More info:

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We've just comitted an implementation of "XEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands" and a TUI example of using them to draw forms. This makes Mellium useful for configuring bots and bridges!

Looks like there will be no Office Hours tomorrow unless someone wants to sign up at the last minute? Demos, talks, round table discussions, or anything else you think it would be useful for the community to know are welcome!

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