Oops, we never introduced ourselves! We are a collective of people (mostly @sam) who develop cooperative software in related to and .

This (a thing we just made up), we have a good first issue that involves concurrency and a DoS! It will be a tiny patch, but will have a big impact to the project! mellium.im/xmpp/issue/124

If you use and use a chat service that's compatible with be sure to join the room at: golang@conference.samwhited.co

Experimenting with running staticcheck against the various libraries and modules we maintain. So far it's going quite well and catching a lot of little nits and issues! staticcheck.io/

> We plan to issue Go 1.16.1 and Go 1.15.9 on Wednesday, March 10.
> These are minor releases that include security fixes.

A package that we're using today is soquee.net/mux, an HTTP router with typed route parameters and easy path normalization! pkg.go.dev/code.soquee.net/mux

People of the internet: let's settle this once and for all. Is the hash tag or ?

Go and XMPP are a natural fit: both excel at asynchronous networking.

Mellium :xmpp: :golang:'s choices:


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