An initial design draft for advertising Entity Capabilities is out. If you're familiar with and we'd love your feedback and suggestions!

Protip: if you've spent hours digging into the encoding/xml or encoding/json packages with a debugger, writing ever more convoluted test cases, and trying to figure out why you can't reproduce an issue anywhere else where a field won't decode properly it's because you didn't export it and the decoder has no idea that it exists and a one character change to export the field will fix everything.

If you use and use a chat service that's compatible with be sure to join the room at:

Experimenting with running staticcheck against the various libraries and modules we maintain. So far it's going quite well and catching a lot of little nits and issues!

> We plan to issue Go 1.16.1 and Go 1.15.9 on Wednesday, March 10.
> These are minor releases that include security fixes.

A package that we're using today is, an HTTP router with typed route parameters and easy path normalization!

People of the internet: let's settle this once and for all. Is the hash tag or ?

Any students applying for this year? Interested in and ? We've applied to participate under the XSF umbrella!

Mellium Co-op :xmpp: :golang:'s choices:


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