Worth reading, a lot of this is why we decided to base Mellium on instead of Matrix back when we started it: takebackourtech.org/xmpp-comeb

@mellium I would hardly call xmpp an "overlooked technology."

@PoCampo It may be used heavily in enterprise and large corporate messengers (Nintendo Switch, Whatsapp, Zoom, etc.) but I suspect they meant "overlooked by most casual technologists". Most people seem to default to re-inventing the wheel instead of reaching for Ejabberd or Prosody when they need basic messaging, assuming that message delivery is the problem and not all of the application level stuff that XMPP takes care of for you already.


@PoCampo It's also frequently dismissed as "it uses XML and therefore must be bad, let's evaluate something else" and despite the fact that I personally see that as its major flaw, it's still often the best tool for the job and this kind of "overlooked" might also be what they meant.

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